Stitchz Login is looking for beta testers! Sign up now and get a lifetime* complimentary upgrade from the free basic package to the professional package (normally $8 per month). We're offering this to the first 100 people to sign up or through the end of 2013, which ever is first.
We'll help you get your website setup and your Stitchz Login application configured in no time. It's pretty simple, but to give you a quick idea take a look at the steps involved on our products page. Basically, your website needs to accept a POST request from Stitchz that includes a one time unique token. Your website will send the token back to Stitchz to verify it. Once the token is verified, Stitchz Login will send the authenticated user's information back which can be used to create a new account or log the user in to your website. You can see a live website using Stitchz Login at
process flow
Process Flow
Thanks for considering to use Stitchz Login. We look forward to working with you!
Stitchz Development Team
* lifetime upgrade is valid only for one website per customer who signs up during the beta testing offer period.