Today we released a new social login provider on the service, Github. Now websites primarily focused on a developer community can leverage Github as their social login on their site.
Adding Github as your social login provider is as simple as the rest, and as with any other provider you must first generate a Provider Client ID/Secret. To start, open a new browser window and go to and log in. Enter your application's name, homepage Url and a description, then enter your Stitchz authorization Callback Url, i.e. https://<yourappurl>/Github/v1/Authenticated. Finally click "Register application". Write down the Github generated Client ID and Secret. Figure 1.

Github Application Registration Form
Figure 1 - Github Application Registration Form

If you have already created an application on then log in and go to your Providers settings page, otherwise follow the steps in the blog post to get started. To add a new Social Login Provider click the plus (+) in the right hand corner, then select Github from the drop down list. Enter the Github generated Client ID and Secret into the Stitchz "App Key/ID" and "Secret Token" fields respectively. Click "Save". Figure 2.

Stitchz Github Provider Form
Figure 2 - Stitchz Github Provider Form