Login V1



Request Type
Used to start the authentication process between your website and Stitchz. It is required to use HTTPS when initiating the authentication process with Stitchz.
Example URL
Example 1:
Example 2:
Required Parameter Type Description
yes <YourStitchzAppURL> string This is a Stitchz generated URL that is based on your application's name when setup. It is also used when requesting a key and secret from one of the supported Login Providers.
yes <ProviderName> string A valid Login Provider name. The Provider must be setup on your application's Provider page.
yes ApiKey string Your unique application key
yes ReturnUrl string Your website's Return URL. It should be ready to accept a POST from Stitchz Login with a one time unique key (aka "Token"). The token is passed back to Stitchz to complete the authentication process in the /Authenticated/v1/Auth step.
A valid request will redirect the browser to the Social Login Provider's login page as specified in the request Url. Upon successful authentication with the Login Provider, a unique token is POSTed back to the application's Return Url.
Field Type Description
token* string A one time unique identifier generated by Stitchz that is POSTed back to the application's Return Url. POST the token back to Stitchz (/Authenticated/v1/Auth) to complete the authentication processes and get the user's profile.
* Always returned in the response.