How to Setup an Instagram API and Identity for Stitchz

Stitchz allows a Page Manager of an Instagram Business Account to share and manage posts on their Feed. This means that in order to share on Instagram via Stitchz you must request a Facebook developer API key/secret and the appropriate permissions (scope) through Facebook. Follow the steps below to request an API key/secret and submit for review.

  1. Log into the Facebook developer portal with the account you plan to share posts, by going to
  2. Under Products, add the "Instagram Graph API" product by clicking "Set up" (Figure 1).

    Adding Instragram Graph API
    Figure 1

    The next screen explains how the Instagram API can be used and use cases. (Figure 2).

    developer portal app creation choices
    Figure 2

  3. Next, go to the Meta Business Manager page and login with a business admin account.

    select a Facebook product to add to your app
    Facebook Login Set Up - Figure 4

    select a platform where Facebook login will reside
    App platform - Figure 5