How to Setup a Twitter API and Identity for Stitchz

With Stitchz, sharing posts on Twitter is easy. However, in order to share on Twitter you must request a developer API key/secret. Follow the steps below to request an API key/secret and submit for review.

  1. Login to Twitter's developer portal with the account you plan to share posts with.
  2. Click the "Apply for a developer account" button to begin the request process (Figure 1).
    apply for a twitter developer account
    Figure 1

  3. Select from the list your reason for requesting an account. Depending on your needs select a choice from one of the categories, Professional, Hobbyist, or Academic (Figure 2).
    select from the list your reason for requesting an account
    Figure 2

  4. To create a new Twitter App give it a name and click Complete.
    create an app with a name
    Figure 3

  5. Go to the new app and edit its Authentication settings (Figure 4).
    change the authentication settings by clicking edit
    Figure 4

  6. Enable 3-legged OAuth by toggling the switch to the on position (Figure 5).
    switch the toggle to on
    Figure 5

  7. Add the Stitchz OAuth1a Callback URL (Figure 6) -
    add the Stitchz oauth1a callback url
    Figure 6

  8. Click Edit next to App Permissions to update the permissions your app can use (Figure 7).toggle the app permissions
    Figure 7

  9. Change the App Permissions from Read Only to Read and Write (Figure 8).
    change the app permissions to read and write
    Figure 8

  10. Copy the new Twitter App's Consumer API key and API key Secret from the Dashboard into your Stitchz application. In Stitchz, go to Apps > Settings, then click the shield in the Identity Providers section to add a new provider. In the form that appears, select Twitter and paste in your API key and API key Secret, then click Save (Figure 9).
    complete the provider form with the app key and secret
    Figure 9

  11. From the application Settings page, click the social group name. Next, click the green Add Identity button to add your Twitter Identity (the account responsible for managing the Page). On the modal window click Twitter to begin the process to add your Twitter Identity to Stitchz (Figure 10).
    add Twitter account as an Identity to share posts with
    Figure 10

  12. Follow the prompts on Twitter's site to complete the request (Figure 11).follow the twitter prompts to add your identity
    Figure 11

  13. Setup is complete, you can begin sharing posts on the Twitter from Stitchz.